Improve Your Customer Communication With
Business Text Messaging

Connect with your customers through SMS and MMS — no apps or special software required.

Accelerate Sales & Employee Productivity

Accelerate sales and support interactions by enabling fast, efficient, conversational text exchanges.
Avoid missed texts and lost business by turning the landline number into an easy-to-use communication channel for customers and prospects.
Improve employee productivity by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and allowing agents to engage multiple customers at once.

Interact With Your Customers — On Their Preferred Channels

Increase customer satisfaction and response rates by engaging customers using their preferred means of communication.
Provide continuity and preserve message trails by eliminating the use of personal cellphones for business conversations.
Reduce effort while increasing customer touchpoints with infinite uses. Send customers appointment reminders, delivery notices, billing reminders, event updates, order placement, and more.

Connect With Customers The Way They Prefer
Instant Communication

Provide real-time updates and customer service with SMS/MMS delivered to mobile devices.
Improve Customer Satisfaction

See 90-second SMS response times (on average) versus 90 minutes for email.
Increase Sales

Automate campaign scheduling and notifications about special offers, news, and events.
Improve Billing and Collections

Remind customers of upcoming billing dates and past due balances.
Reduce No-Shows

Send confirmations and reminders for upcoming appointments.
Easy to Launch

Text-enable your business in minutes, without extra equipment or truck rolls.

Your Monthly Business Text Messaging Subscription Gives You:

  • One text-enabled phone line – Send and receive SMS communications on your existing landline or cloud voice service.
  • Unlimited inbound text messages – Limitless inbound SMS enables your customers to send messages whenever they like.
  • Automation tools – Use key-word auto-responses and scheduled messages to quickly scale your communications and remain responsive even during off hours.
  • And more!

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