Easy-to-Use Phone Lines to Keep Your Business Connected

Get the communication features you need, without the complexity or cost, with Business Lines from Cymbus.

A Phone System That Connects Locally and Globally

Phone systems don’t have to be chock-full of bells and whistles that you never use — they just need to work. New cloud technology ensures your phones work as promised while cutting costs.

All the Features You Love, Without Restrictive Plans

  • Affordable: One price — so many great features!
  • Feature Rich: Voicemail, call screening, hunt groups, call forwarding, and more.
  • Disaster Failover Plan: Safeguard your connectivity in the case of an emergency. Whether it’s a network failure or natural disaster, call routing is in the cloud, ensuring you stay connected.
  • Crystal Clear Calls: Good communication starts with superior audio quality.

Flexible Voice Options That Help You Grow

Simple configuration

Quickly set up call flows — scale as needed.

Automated call distribution

Distribute calls across all available lines to ensure no missed calls.

Quick forward codes

Easily forward calls to an assigned number.

Shared voicemail (optional)

Your customers can always connect — even when you’re unavailable.

Voicemail to email

Forward voicemail messages to your inbox so you can quickly return important calls.

Virtual lines

The primary business number can be sent to multiple phones.

Save, and Simplify, With a Single Provider

  • Bundle with your current services for more savings.
  • Simplified, all-inclusive pricing.
  • No upfront CAPEX needed.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling, with no additional equipment.
  • Keep your phone numbers.

No Need for an IT Expert — a Local Team Supports Your Business

  • Quickly set up call flows and handle large call volumes.
  • Remote deployment means no need to coordinate multiple sites, giving you back valuable time.
  • Reduce hardware issues and troubleshooting.
  • Easy integration with your existing apps and devices.
  • Automated software releases so you always have the newest features and technology.

Ready to future-proof your
business communications?